COSIA Adarsh Entrepreneur Award - 2014

Inviting Recommendations from MSME Associations for COSIA Adarsh Entrepreneur Award - 2014

Running an industry in the MSME Sector with high moral values and without involving in mal-practices is indeed a tough job. This requires a Himalayan determination, a very clean and transparent behavior alongwith a very high respect for moral values in life. To honour such exemplary role models an Adarsh Entrepreneur Award is being instituted by the Chamber of Small Industry Associations [COSIA], a National Chamber of MSMEs, in the year 2010-11. COSIA has honour Shri. Sureshrao Hundre [Karnataka], Shri. A.J. Singh [Punjab] and Shri. Dharmu Vanjani [Maharashtra] with this award during last 3 years.

Recommendations for this award for the current year has been invited from the MSME Associations in India up to 31st July 2014. This award will be presented on the occasion of Annual General Meeting of COSIA.

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28th June 2014