INDEXPO – INDUSTRIAL Exhibition held at NAGPUR- 15th, 16th & 17th February, 2019

Indore Infoline a professional Industrial Exhibitor in India organizes such Industrial Fairs all throughout India since last more than 15 years. This was their 8th consecutive year in Nagpur, for which those who are connected with Industrial activities were looking for.

CHAMBER OR SMALL INDUSTRY ASSOCIATIONS (COSIA) – Vidarbha Chapter in its first year of existence could forge an alliance with Indore Infoline and participated in the exhibition as a COORGANISER.

This exhibition which had a Booking of more than 150 stalls, had representation from machinery dealers, manufacturers, buyers, service providers and consumers from All over India. The exhibitors had displayed the items of latest technologies and from the varied field like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Mechtronics, Internet of Things (IOT), E commerce, 3D Printing, Holograms, Digital Mapping & Reverse Engineering. The show was very beneficial for Engineering and Industrial products. It was a unique opportunity for exposure to upcoming Technology, Products and Requirements from customers.

The ambience and look of the entire Exhibition was to the International standards. Having this background, Managing Director of Mahametro Rail Corporation Ltd, Dr Brijesh Dixit, agreed to inaugurate this prestigious show in the city on 15th February 2019, Thursday at 11 a.m. After the formal inauguration Dr Dixit spent about 1/2 an hour to visit each stall. He was highly impressed by the entire show and appreciated the joint efforts of Indore Infoline & COSIA.

This three day event was witnessed by more 30,000 visitors from various parts of Central India. There was a continuous flow of crowd all throughout three days, which mainly comprised of serious buyers, consumers and technical students.

COSIA made all out efforts to publicize this event and could garner support from industrial fraternity of the region which comprised of MSME sector, corporate sector as well as public sector undertakings. COSIA Central Office Representatives also extend their support to Vidarbha Chapter. Shri Purushottam Agwan, Vice President of COSIA had personally come to Nagpur to boost the morale of Shri Mayank Shukla the Chairman and other members of COSIA, Vidarbha Chapter.

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