Interactive Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) at Nagpur – 25.03.2019

In Today’s World IP protection is critical for fostering innovation. Without protection of ideas, business individuals would not reap the full benefits of their inventions and would focus less on research and development. The main purpose of IP law is to encourage the creation of a wide variety of intellectual goods for consumers. Strong IP rights protection is crucial to fostering trade and achieving the goals and benefits of global integration. Countries with high standards of IPR protection tend to attract more investment, stimulate more innovation, thereby developing more rapidly. Countries with inadequate protection are often vulnerable to infringements of IP rights that hinder trade flow and economic development.

With the objective to create and enhance awareness among MSMEs about IPR for protecting their ideas and business strategies, MSME-DI, Nagpur had organized a one-day interactive workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) at MSME-DI, Nagpur on 25.03.2019.

The focus of the workshop was to promote the creation, protection and enforcement of the Intellectual Property Rights amongst various stakeholders and also Government of India, Ministry of MSME schemes. Mayank Shukla, Chairman, COSIA- Nagpur Chapter graced the programme as the Chief Guest. P M Parlewar, Director of MSME-DI, Nagpur and Poonam Maulikar – Examiner Patent Office were present on the dais.

Speaking on the occasion, P M Parlewar, Director, MSME-DI, Nagpur said, “In today’s competitive world, IP is the fuel that powers the engine of prosperity, fostering invention and innovation. IPRs play a crucial role as the legal vehicle through which either the transfer of knowledge or the contractual relationship is affected. The increasing importance of intangible assets in the global economy is forcing business organizations to actively manage their IP as a key driver for building and sustaining their competitive advantage and achieving superior performance.”

He focused on the commercialization of patent granted to the innovators by manufacturing units and also explained the subsidy given  by Government of India for protection and enforcement of the Intellectual Property Rights amongst various stakeholders. Mayank Shukla appreciated efforts taken by MSME-DI for creating awareness about IP amongst the SMEs.

Mr. Shukla said, “In today’s global competitive environment, IP has placed itself on a pedestal in the context of economic growth and is becoming increasingly important”. He said, “It is also important to promote intellectual property licensing practices, particularly with a view to foster creativity innovation and the transfer and dissemination of technology to developing countries and least developing countries.” MSME-DI continuously organizes various seminars workshop for trade and industry.

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